Who qualifies for our services?

Children between the ages of 0 and 18 in foster care, kinship placement, suitable other placement or adopted from foster care. The child must be an Iowa resident and have been removed by the Department of Human Services and placed in your care.

Which counties do you serve?

We serve all 99 Iowa counties.

Which programs can adopted children utilize?

Due to funding, not all programs are available to children after they have been adopted from foster care. Adopted children are still welcome to shop the Clothing Closet and attend our Back to School Rally and Winter Wonderland Holiday Celebration.

How often can we shop the Clothing Closet?

Youth or their caregivers can shop the Families Helping Families of Iowa Clothing Closet once per season or as a child outgrows items. 

What information is required for services?
  • Your Contact Information
  • Child’s First Initial
  • Child’s Last Initial
  • Child’s Age
  • Child’s Gender
  • Child’s Medicaid ID Number
  • Caseworker Name
  • Child’s Status
What are your hours?

See the Contact page for our address, hours and holiday schedule.